Tablet PC Surface with Windows 8 Pro – double expensive and only slightly more powerful

Depending on the memory configuration to the mobile host or $ 899 (64GB) or $ 999 cost (128 GB). As for the day of launch for Surface Pro with Windows computer called, the company intends to establish roughly in January 2013, when you will be able to buy it.

The Group now completed a month-long speculation about the new machine. In late October, Microsoft had introduced the Surface Tablet with Windows RT and then immediately crossed several borders that seemed insurmountable until then. For one thing, the group had even made the hardware manufacturer does so in competition with Windows large buyer such as Asus, HP and Samsung.

Secondly, he has also developed a version of its Windows RT operating system that does not run on the standard x86 processors for PCs, but on the more efficient ARM chips. A disadvantage of this computer is that you cannot play conventional Windows software. With the Surface Pro with Windows Microsoft is now bringing out a tablet version that can this.

The device, an Intel Core i5 processor, the operating system is an ordinary Windows 8 Pro, powers it. Its 10.6-inch display, with 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD) is far more detail than its counterpart in the RT model. In addition, the Pro version has a USB 3.0 port and a mini-Display Port connector.

What does not fit is, however, the grid period. On a question from a Twitter user, the company responded with the comment: “The Surface Pro is about half as long as the battery work on surface temperature.” Moreover, the Group for the RT model specifies eight hours run time, so you have to go four hours nominal duration. Very little for a tablet computer.

Remains to be seen how the new Microsoft tablet will sell in the face of these fundamentals. Finally, you get the RT variant already for half as much money (499 Dollar/479 euros) as the Pro model will cost in the top variant.

The Microsoft Tablet is almost invisible in the network

AcerW510combinestabletandmini laptop

Keyboard, touch screen and a normal Windows 8: The Acer W510 combines tablet and mini-notebook. If you put the screen in the keyboard dock, you can write with Open Office long texts – holds up to 18 hours of battery. Our test reveals what is good for the writing tablet.A tablet, a netbook and a normal Windows 8 in one device for 499 euros: The Acer Iconia W510 sounds like a good deal.

The design is known from models like the Asus Transformer. If you want to write a text or edit photos, you put the tablet into a keyboard dock and tinkering so in seconds a netbook.Theoretically, Windows 8 is the ideal system for such combination devices with touchscreen. Microsoft’s new operating system has two surfaces. The traditional Windows desktop is good for keyboard and track pad or mouse adapted the tile surface is optimized for pure touch-screen operation on the tablet.

Keyboard, software, battery

The tablet fits comfortably in the hand. It is very light, which is probably also due to the plastic back and the plastic frame. Weighs 569 grams, the tablet is noticeably lighter than an actual iPad (652 grams) or the Google Nexus 10 (603 grams). The mechanics of the keyboard dock is smooth and stable.

Without fumbling snaps the tablet and immediately serves as a screen of a netbook – this is however not possible with 1.26 kilograms easier than the tablet alone. The screen can also fold down almost completely, if you will, for example, watching a movie. Therefore, you sit closer to the monitor; the keyboard stands out as a prop to the rear.

The keyboard of the W510 can be amazingly accurate and fast typing texts. One mistake more frequently than on a Macbook Air 11.6, because the keys of Acer’s tablet are still inching lower. The touch-screen operation is partly very well integrated; photos and text can be enlarged by two-finger gesture text passages can easily select with a finger on the screen.

Software Selection and Performance

Since install on the Acer W510 for the standard Windows 8 (and not ARM variant RT running Windows), you can all the traditional Windows programs. Open Office, Microsoft Office, Lightroom, Opera, and Chrome – the software runs easily and smoothly on the Windows desktop.

Microsoft’s new Surface

Difficult in the highly competitive tablet market. Now the change of the Group’s is to strategy to boost sales.The advertising experts pay close attention to the newcomer devices and their success. Measure of Web traffic was generated, the 12th in the U.S. and Canada in the period between and 18 November was measured in the tablet area.

The values for the Microsoft Tablet were sobering. A mere 0.13 percent of the measured network traffic went to the account of the Redmond computer. Almost simultaneously to the surface, Google had launched its Nexus 10, the start was far more successful. During the specified period, the value here was 0.9 percent.

Still in the flat-Apple computer is the measure of all things, his iPad generates more than 88 percent of the traffic. In second place followed by Amazon with its Kindle Fire, however, the online department store do with a market share of 4.05 percent, Apple so far no serious competition.Of course, no one expected that Microsoft would win two weeks after the introduction of its new equipment in hot market right away large portions.

However, the company has been hampered by its unusual distribution strategy itself. Of the three to five, million Surface tablets that Microsoft hoped to sell in the fourth quarter originally left over at the end probably only a maximum of 600,000 machines. The reason is the limitation of the surface distribution in Microsoft Stores. Given these figures, the Microsoft Management apparently covered his previous sales policy for the Surface and announced a change.

Microsoft expanded /in December, last year/ the number of stores in which the surface is to be had. The Redmond Company announced that it starting with the U.S. and Australia offer, retail chains as and the Microsoft Tablet in other countries would follow the example in the coming months.

Moreover, would a series of Microsoft stores, which had been established only for Thanksgiving and Christmas, now kept open permanently. Originally, the extension was planned for early 2013, but only recently made the rumour, Microsoft is in the process of offering its surface via the chains Best Buy and Staples.