Microsoft’s new Surface

Difficult in the highly competitive tablet market. Now the change of the Group’s is to strategy to boost sales.The advertising experts pay close attention to the newcomer devices and their success. Measure of Web traffic was generated, the 12th in the U.S. and Canada in the period between and 18 November was measured in the tablet area.

The values for the Microsoft Tablet were sobering. A mere 0.13 percent of the measured network traffic went to the account of the Redmond computer. Almost simultaneously to the surface, Google had launched its Nexus 10, the start was far more successful. During the specified period, the value here was 0.9 percent.

Still in the flat-Apple computer is the measure of all things, his iPad generates more than 88 percent of the traffic. In second place followed by Amazon with its Kindle Fire, however, the online department store do with a market share of 4.05 percent, Apple so far no serious competition.Of course, no one expected that Microsoft would win two weeks after the introduction of its new equipment in hot market right away large portions.

However, the company has been hampered by its unusual distribution strategy itself. Of the three to five, million Surface tablets that Microsoft hoped to sell in the fourth quarter originally left over at the end probably only a maximum of 600,000 machines. The reason is the limitation of the surface distribution in Microsoft Stores. Given these figures, the Microsoft Management apparently covered his previous sales policy for the Surface and announced a change.

Microsoft expanded /in December, last year/ the number of stores in which the surface is to be had. The Redmond Company announced that it starting with the U.S. and Australia offer, retail chains as and the Microsoft Tablet in other countries would follow the example in the coming months.

Moreover, would a series of Microsoft stores, which had been established only for Thanksgiving and Christmas, now kept open permanently. Originally, the extension was planned for early 2013, but only recently made the rumour, Microsoft is in the process of offering its surface via the chains Best Buy and Staples.